There are few things scarier for a wild horse than to be frantically more A pregnant mare was impounded as a stray and ended up at the McKinley more

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Sassy Mare Leads Police On A Five Mile Chase

Philadelphia has yet to put the days of horses in the streets behind them. Lonnie Sullivan was payi...

Team Of Horses Rules The Road

A gang of horses ran amok earlier this week in Bradford, UK during the morning commute. The team of...

Horse Loves Playing With Hoodie Zipper

I can’t tell who is enjoying this more – the horse playing with the zipper, the girl wearing the...

Determined Girl Mounts Her Horse In An Unusual Way

Mom Astrid Scheucher recorded a video of her daughter Romy attempting to mount her mare, Lisa- who...

Retired Racehorse Takes Man On Ride Of His Life

You can take the horse out of the race, but not the race out of the horse. Nick Bull learned t...