There are few things scarier for a wild horse than to be frantically more A pregnant mare was impounded as a stray and ended up at the McKinley more

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Budweiser Clydesdales Present Worthy Horse Rescue With An Incredible Gift

Far View Horse Rescue sits on 40 beautiful acres in Fairplay, Colorado. The non-profit organization...

Horse Goes For A Dip In A Mud Puddle & Takes Her Young Rider With Her!

Horses are described as regal, graceful, elegant. They are often associated with the height of soph...

25 Exquisite Equestrian Tattoos

There is no purer expression of love than a tattoo. Branding your body permanently with the name or...

Stunning ‘Underlook’ Images Of Horses In Action Go Viral

Is there anything quite so beautiful – so utterly majestic – as a healthy, muscular hors...