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Bronc Mare Shows Off Her Family At Rodeo Houston


While most broncs are geldings, mares can also compete at a very high level- as proven by Hostage, a famous bucking horse with 168 rides under her belt. Before retiring she won every major rodeo including the National Finals and Rodeo Houston. Now she’s a great-grandmother, and her family has carried on her legacy!

She and her family recently got the chance to show off in front of the Rodeo Houston crowd, including the youngest member of the family, a colt named Painted Hostage. Check out this proud family!

“Some horses are born to run fast,” the announcer says, “Some are meant to work with cutting precision- but this family of athletes was born to challenge its riders.” As the herd gallops around the arena, he continues: “It’s our responsibility and it’s our privilege to make sure that they’re cared for with respect and worth.” If you think this family is beautiful, be sure to share this video!

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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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