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Kind Strangers Rescue Senior Horse From Flood & Shelter Her In Their Home


A 25-year-old horse named Tilly is safe thanks to the kindness of a father and son team. On March 30, Gillian Taylor posted a heartbreaking photo of the exhausted senior horse splayed in the doorway of her friend’s home to the Murwillumbah Matters Facebook page. The aftermath of Cyclone Debbie caused the deadly flood in which Tilly became lost.

According to Taylor’s post, a friend of hers and his son found the horse trapped in the raging floodwaters outside their home at 2 AM. The pair used a boogie board to reach the frightened animal and a rope to lead her back to the house where she collapsed in the doorway from sheer exhaustion.

According to Letrica Lucas, daughter of the horse’s owners, the two men spent hours holding Tilly’s head above the water that infiltrated the entryway.

In the dramatic photo taken the following day, the water had receded, but can still be seen just beyond the door. The man and his son fed Tilly some apples and gave her water as she rested.

Messages poured in from over 100 users on the Murwillumbah Matters page, recommending that Taylor contact local horse rescues and advise her friends to keep Tilly warm and dry. Thanks to the attention on Facebook, the horse was quickly identified.

A post from Gillian Taylor to the Murwillumbah Matters Facebook page just 7 hours ago shows Tilly with her owner and the heroic father-son rescue team. It reads:

“For one and all who have been following Tilly’s rescue, here she is with her own family member and the boys who rescued her from the flood. Vet says she is ok.”


H/T to 9News

Featured Images via Gillian Taylor & Letrica Lucas

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