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10 Signs You Were Destined To Ride Horses

by Modi Ramos

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You love horses, and there is no greater feeling in the world than riding one. But how do you know in your heart that you were meant to be a horseback rider? What if there were signs that spoke to you, and your love of riding horses? Here are ten great ways to tell that you were destined to ride horses.

1. You Love Feeling Powerful

There’s no more powerful feeling than when you’re mounted on a horse. Horses give us tremendous power, making our weight feel effortless and free.


2. You’re Not Afraid of Dirt

Horseback riders can’t be afraid to get dirty. Whether you’re grooming your horse or are sweating during a hot summer ride, true horse riders don’t mind getting dirty and grimy.


3. You Chase Your Dreams

Learning to ride a horse is a big undertaking. If learning to ride is your dream, you can’t be afraid to chase that dream, no matter how much work is associated with it. Horseback riders are dreamers, and they make those dreams come true.

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