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2 Day Old Foal Learning To Run Is Hilariously Adorable

by ihearthorses

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There are few things cuter in this world than watching a foal try to figure out his long, gangly legs. Steffanie Christensen is the breeder of small, purebred Gypsy Horses at her barn, MHB Gypsy Ponies in Wisconsin.  She is the proud owner of Risk Factor, the smallest Gypsy stallion in North America at just 11.2 hands.

Reese's Pieces and her colt.

Reese’s Pieces and her colt. Image source: Steffanie Christensen.


One of Risk’s Foals, by their 12.2 hand mare WHR Reese’s Pieces, is just two days old in the below video and trying to figure out how to use those long legs of his.


What happens next? Well, I hope you have time to spare, because you are going to want to watch this video over and over again:

Seriously, how cute is that?!  Christensen says the young colt is “just fine” and continued his cavorting after the adorable cute crash. You can follow MHB Gypsy Ponies on Facebook to see more of this cutie growing up!


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