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An Inside Look At “The Most Handsome Horse In The World”

by ihearthorses

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Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen pictures of the Friesian stallion Frederik the Great. He’s been named by multiple sources as “The Most Handsome Horse in the World.”

He’s currently filming for a movie set to release later this year titled “Frederik The Great: Behind The Beauty.” With another film slated for next year and an upcoming line of horse hair care products, he’s a busy horse! I caught up with his owner, Stacy Nazario of Pinnacle Friesians, located in the Arkansas Ozarks, to find out more about his personality.

Nazario and Frederik have a very special bond.

“Everybody always comments on how much he loves me or that special bond we have. I respect him, and I’m very gentle with him. At the same time, I’m the leader, like raising a teenage boy.” 

Stallions can be a little wild and difficult to work with, but not Frederik. According to Nazario, he loves people, including children.

Frederik has his own personality…He’s such a ham; when he gets around media or crowds, he’s such a showman. I’ve let him kind of be that way, I don’t beat him down … people like to see that personality.”

What does Nazario wish more people knew about Frederik apart from his good looks?

Just his love for people. He has no fears, no baggage or luggage. I think that is very important, being a stallion, a big, bold, majestic, huge, gentle giant…That’s what I want people to see…the gentleness.”

Check out the video below of Frederik in action and be sure to keep an eye out for “Behind The Beauty” later this year.

You can also check out Frederik The Great’s Facebook page and website!

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