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Breeder Hopes To Offer Deformed Foal A Chance At A Happy Life

by ihearthorses

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Martha Talley has been involved with horses nearly her entire life. Now, she breeds and raises Egyptian Arabian horses and has a young foal with an interesting problem. Although 2-month-old Barbara has a big personality, she suffers from a condition called “wry nose.” Her upper jaw is deformed, likely from the way she developed inside the womb, and she has difficulty doing the most basic of tasks – like eating and breathing. Many would humanely euthanize a foal with this condition, but Talley and her trainer, Allen Pogue, think the young horse can fight through.

Pogue confirms that Barbara needs constant attention right now. She recently aspirated some milk which lead to pneumonia. Thankfully, Talley has already been in contact with a Tennessee veterinarian to perform reconstructive surgery on Barbara. Unfortunately, the surgery will cost upwards of $20,000. Talley has turned to the community to help, starting a GoFundMe campaign and working with a local shop owner, Sarah Barlow, to sell necklaces for the cause. Barlow is giving 100% of the proceeds of the necklace sales to Talley and together they’ve made $1,400 so far, not including the fundraising campaign.

Barbara will need to have the surgery done in about three months. Horses wean around 6-months-old, but Barbara will  be unable to break off and chew any sort of grass. Although she can nurse on her mother occasionally, she is mostly bottle fed and will be until it’s time for her to wean. If she doesn’t have the surgery by then, more complications will arise. Barbara is a very friendly, social foal and Talley and Pogue want to do everything they can to save her. With the surgery she’ll be able to live a normal, happy life as a horse – a life she deserves.

Cover photo: Martha Talley | GoFundMe

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