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Dancing New Orleans Police Horse Shows Mardi Gras Revelers How To Boogie


The officers of the New Orleans Police Department‘s Mounted Unit depend on their horses to help them keep locals and visitors safe year round. Their main focus is crowd control – and never is that skill more valuable than during the city’s massive annual Mardi Gras celebration.

The mounted team of Officer Jones and his horse, Ace not only help keep the peace, they also show festival-goers how to break it down New Orleans style!

When this video first went viral, many viewers expressed concerns that Ace was in distress or fearful of the crowds. The local NBC affiliate station, WDSU contacted the New Orleans PD and received the following information from a department spokesperson:

  • Horses in the Mounted Unit are trained for large crowds
  • The mounted teams often perform similar routines for small crowds
  • In order to join the mounted unit, horses have to show the right mix of temperament and personality
  • The horses receive anywhere from a few months to a year of training

In addition, several New Orleans residents commented on the video across YouTube and various Facebook pages, defending Officer Jones as a skilled rider and praising Ace for his friendly, outgoing nature and dressage-style moves.

What do you think of Officer Jones and Ace’s dancing?

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