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Hilarious Horse Helps Himself To ‘Breakfast In Bed’

by ihearthorses

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Gunner is a 5-year-old Welsh Quarter Horse cross born and raised at Opagon Farm in Edgerton,Wisconsin. His human mom, Heather Lekan describes him as “super brave, too smart for his own good and always the first to greet me at the gate.” Gunner loves obstacle work and has just embarked on careers in Cowboy Dressage and Working Equitation. When this powerful athlete isn’t busy mastering his craft, he enjoys a good nap in the pasture.

Last week Lekan came across Gunner as he awoke from a snooze. She pulled out her cell phone just in time to capture a video of the goofy horse stretching his neck out for a few nibbles of fresh spring grass from under the fence.

I’m not sure whether this guy is brilliant, lazy, or a miraculous combination of both!

As Lekan points out in the video description, “horses will only lay down and allow themselves REM sleep if they are completely comfortable in their surroundings.” Looks like Gunner is pretty darn comfortable with his life at Opagon Farm!

As you can see under the fence, the Wisconsin winter has left some of the fields a bit muddy, so Lekan shared a second video to assure viewers that her horses have plenty of lush green grass and open space to enjoy!

Look at Gunner and company GO!

Have you ever seen a horse as innovative as Gunner? Tell us all about your silly, creative barnyard pals in the comments!

H/T to Facebook/Opagon Farm

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