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Horse Lover Chooses A Career In Photography Over A “Dull Desk Job”

by ihearthorses

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Germany native Wiebke Haas has always dreamed about horses. A self-proclaimed “horse girl,” she knew she would never be happy in a career that involves sitting behind a desk. When she graduated from school, she had a decision to make.

“One thing I was entirely sure of: I’d do something that was near to my heart and soul instead of working in a dull office job just to earn a living,” she said in a story on Bored Panda.

Haas decided to pursue equine photography, and although it was a risky career choice, she knew it was a risk she had to take. Luckily, the decision paid off for the talented artist.

“I spent 3 years to become an officially certified photographer before I took the risk of self-employment,” she said in the story. After an insightful internship, Haas was able to polish her skill and establish her style.

“My intention is to make the viewer look at an image over and over again,” she said in Bored Panda. “Sometimes it takes two or three days until I get the picture I had in mind. Horses don’t use our language to communicate so you have to find a way to tell a horse what you want it to do for you.”

At the young age of 25, Haas has an impressive resumé from her work being featured in magazines, books, galleries and on TV. She’s also won multiple awards.

“I’m truly living my passion,” she said in the story.

All photos have been shared with permission via wiebke-haas.com.

Take a look at some of her breathtaking work:










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Aren’t these pictures gorgeous?!

Thanks to Wiebke Haas for letting us share these photos. To see more of her work, check out her website and social media pages:


– Wiebke Haas on Facebook

-Instagram @spanishvision

-Twitter @WiebkeHaas

-SpanishVision on Youtube

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