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Horses Flaunt Their Glamorous Toussled Manes In Epic Photo Series

by ihearthorses

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Wiebke Haas has been capturing the beauty, grace and individual personalities of horses with her camera since 2011.

Her ongoing photo series, Horsestyle features a variety of gorgeous equines shaking what their mamas gave them – their manes that is!

Haas told My Modern Met that the inspiration for the project came to her by accident. She was photographing a horse named Mozart and happened to catch him just as he shook out his long silky mane. The image was so beautiful that she decided to create a series around that one simple idea.

The German-born photographer is also an experienced equine trainer. When she chooses a particular “model” she calls upon her understanding of the animals’ behavior to help her acclimate them to her equipment before a shoot.

When asked why she chose the daunting task of working with horses, Haas replied:

 “Because I adore their beauty and magnificent grace! I’m fascinated by their power and expression. For me, horses are one of the most aesthetic animals in the world. That’s what I’m normally focused at during a photo session.”

Haas makes a point to choose horses with long, luxurious manes, but she says the success – or failure – of a shoot is all up to the animal. Namely, it’s all about how much and how vigorously they can shake their heads for the camera. Haas told My Modern Met that many of her subjects are pre-trained to shake by their owners, while others just need a little ear tickle and a few treats!

Although she has experience photographing a number of other species including dogs, cats, geese, llamas, and cows, horses remain her favorite subjects. However there is another species Haas dreams of shooting one day – Elephants!

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H/T to My Modern Met

All Images c/o Wiebke Haas

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