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Houdini Came Back As A Horse – Check This Out!


Did you ever wonder what Houdini would come back as if he did come back? Most might say a cat. Makes sense, with their stealthy moves and lithe bodies that can  squeeze into the smallest of spaces. But those of us with horses know that that can be pretty good at escaping things too, when they want to be. Just check out this seemingly patient horse just standing tied. Honestly, he looks bored.


At first, it seems as though he may not be that smart. He wraps the lead rope around his ear and then does it again…


But watch the video below, and you’ll see it’s all a part of his master plan…

This horse Houdini is no fool – if only he had thumbs he could get that halter back on and the “boss” would never know. Do you have an escape artist in your barn? Tell us what your horses does in the comments!

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Written by ihearthorses
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