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JLo The Horse Enjoys A Splash Of Freedom

by ihearthorses

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A 6-year-old mare name JLo spent the night frolicking around Fiesta Island in southern California on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 after she was spooked and broke her rope.

Her family spent several hours trying to corral her before calling the Humane Society. They were unable to catch her before dark, so the rescue had to be postponed until the next day.

San Diego police assisted by blocking the exit of Fiesta Island so that JLo couldn’t leave. Wednesday morning, the Humane Society managed to put up a temporary corral around the horse and gradually made it smaller and smaller until she was forced onto a trailer. She was then taken to a facility in Escondido where her family could pick her up.

JLo’s family has brought other horses to the island without incident, but they’ve had JLo for less than a year and were still training her. She was spooked when another horse kicked over a bucket. Luckily JLo was rescued unharmed, and hopefully she enjoyed her romp around the island!

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