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Severely Neglected Pony Could Barely Walk, But Just Look At Him Now!

by ihearthorses

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Poly the pony suffered unimaginable neglect for more than 10 years before being rescued by Belgian authorities. His poor hooves had not been cared for in so long that rescuers measured their curvature at 540 degrees.

The blacksmith for Animaux en Péril Sanctuary stated that in 25 years practising his trade, he had never seen a more drastic case of negligence on the part of a horse owner.

Despite the terrible pain he endured at the hands of humans, Poly was gentle and trusting with the sanctuary staff from the start. With a good haircut, thorough veterinary care, a nutrient packed diet, and monthly visits from the blacksmith, Poly is unrecognizable from the pitiful pony he was just months ago. He even has a new best friend to share his beautiful new life with!

Check out this heartwarming video of Poly’s transformation!

Poly’s story has been viewed more than 65 million times! Despite his celebrity status, Poly has managed to stay humble and kind – mostly because he has no idea how famous he is!

This sweet, gentle soul will live out the rest of his days in comfort and peace – something every horse deserves.


Video & Images via Comeback Kids: Animal Edition

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