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Team Of Horses Rules The Road

by ihearthorses

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A gang of horses ran amok earlier this week in Bradford, UK during the morning commute.

The team of no less than ten horses went for a joyride down a stretch of a few miles on a major road. These horses had no respect for the rules of the road – they changed lanes constantly, rode through the median, did not give right of way, and went against the flow of traffic. Shocked motorists pulled over to the side of the road to give the horses room, and avoid injury to any of them.

Source: Horses on the Loose Gallop Down Street in Bradford by Storyful on Rumble

So maybe they weren’t rowdy, or dangerous – but not a single one of them signaled their lane changes. The Police were called to round up the team and they were taken in about two miles from where the video was captured.

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