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Teens From High-Risk Neighborhoods Are Empowered Through Working With Horses

A program called Taking the Reigns based in Los Angeles, California has inspired dozens of girls and teens to resist the road to self-destruction and empower them to succeed.

The young women are from low-income and high-risk neighborhoods where gangs, violence, and drugs are commonplace.

“Our teens develop responsibility, confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills principally through learning to ride and care for horses,” enxplains the Taking the Reigns Facebook page. “The vision of Taking the Reins is to create positive changes in teenage girls so they can engage in positive behaviors, take control of their lives and ultimately step into leadership roles in our society.”

Watch this news segment about the program:



What a fantastic idea!

Any horse-lover knows that caring for these animals takes hard work and dedication, and the companionship of a good horse is unforgettable and life-changing. We’re so glad that these girls have found a second family on the farm, as well as the self-confidence to succeed through this amazing program!

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