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This Horse Is The Best Babysitter Around

by ihearthorses

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Some kids are lucky enough to be raised in a barn (why that became a put-down, we will never understand!). Like this young guy – he just might be the next John Lyons or Ian Miller! But as we all know, a rider needs to be more than just good himself – he needs a great horse too! And it looks like this little guy already has a very special mount that’s got his back.

This beautiful, kind horse, owned by Pierre-Alain Bounameau and Tracy Lega, makes a great babysitter, whether the baby is mounted on him…

Or looking for someone to rock him…


This horse has his back, just check out the below video by Bounameau and Lega:

How adorable is this? Where you raised around the barn or wish you had been? Tell us in the comments!

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