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This Horse Teaches Us What True Love Is All About

by ihearthorses

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We can learn a lot about life from our horses, we all know that. But this horse, named T, just may be the best teacher regarding relationships!

Jessica Munn caught him on camera bringing his “girlfriend,” Layla, some hay from clear across the field. This guy could teach some humans a thing or two–am I right?


Ever seen that sweet scene in Lady & The Tramp with the spaghetti? Well, this is so much sweeter because it’s real! He comes trotting right up to her, and even gives her a little nicker before offering her the hay.


She accepts (of course!) and the two share a sweet snack together.

Afterwards, he gives her a bit of a groom! It’s too adorable!


Watch the entire sweet video here:

How sweet is this! My mini mares do not share food. How about your horses? Tell us in the comments.

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