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Watch The Nail-Biting Footage Of A Horse Being Rescued From A Remote Mountain

by ihearthorses

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In Idaho, a horse found himself stranded in deep snow and inclement weather over 7,000 feet up on Boulder Mountain.

A brown horse, along with a white one, had been spotted on the mountain for several days prior to the rescue, but due to “extreme weather conditions,” could not be rescued.

The rescue was a team effort between the Idaho Horse Rescue, the Valley County Sheriff’s Office, and Salmon River Helicopters. While crews waited to safely rescue the horses, volunteers brought up food and water for the lost animals on snowmobiles.

When they were finally able to fly a helicopter over the mountain, only the brown horse was there; the white one was nowhere to be seen.

Battling the clock, they tranquilized the brown horse, attaching him to a harness and lifting him to safety.

Watch a news clip that includes the nail-biting footage:



The horse was in desperate need of care, and would not have survived much longer in the elements. Luckily, he is expected to make a full recovery as he resides at the Idaho Horse Rescue.

The horse has been named “Ryat” after rescuers Ryan Miller and Pat Morell!

The Valley County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the second horse.

If you’d like to donate to the care of Ryat and other horses rescued from Boulder Mountain, click here.

We’re so glad that one of these horses is safe, and hope that they’re able to find the other in good health. Thanks to the amazing crews who performed this incredible rescue!

(h/t: KRON)

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