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You’ve Never Watched Equestrian Games Like This Before

by ihearthorses

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If you have not heard of the Mounted Games – you will be Googling the rest of their videos after seeing this. The Mounted Games are an equestrian sport consisting of many different contests (called “games”) ridden at high speeds on ponies up to 15 hands tall. The Games were actually created by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. He asked Col. Sir Mike Ansell to create a competition for children who could not afford expensive, well-bred ponies. In 1957, the first Mounted Games Championship for the Prince Philip Cup was held.

Today, the sport allows all ages, not just children. It has expanded into many games with the same principles at heart – in order to succeed you and your horse need to be strong, athletic and brave. Riders need keen hand-eye coordination.

There are 27 different games, many of which offer individual, pair and team divisions. Just how extreme are these games? They even have a form of jousting!

This video shows many of the games you can participate in and they are quite incredible to watch:

Some of these games are just insane! What do you think? Would you compete in games like these – or let your child? If so, you can learn more on the Mounted Games World Facebook page or The Mounted Games Association International’s website.

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