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20 Perfect Gifts For The Horse Crazy Kid In Your Life

by ihearthorses

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Do you have a kid on your list that is crazy about horses? Is a horse or a pony at the top of every wish list? If so, then this is THE list of gifts for you! It’s full of anything a horse crazy kid of any age could want (except the horse, of course). 

#1 – Horse Pillow

Any kid who loves horses would love a little horse decor to keep in their room! This pillow and its lovely detail are perfect for the little horse lover in your life. Available in several sizes. 


#2 – Lessons

Even if you can’t own a horse, your horse crazy kid can still get their horse fix through weekly lessons. This is a perfect Christmas gift they are sure to love.

2 children-65700_640

#3 – Breyer Horse

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Breyer! These were always on the top of my list when I was little, and I still love them! Some of the hot ones this year include American Phoroah, Peppermint Kisses, and the AQHA 75th Anniversary Editions. Breyerhorses.com

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#4 – Tack Notes

Some of us still like to write notes (I know, hard to believe). For the vintage kid in your life, these personalized note sheets with a beautiful bay are a great choice. SugarNest.com

4 16155-Stat-400 copy

#5 – Horse Calendar

Calendars are always a nice gift, even if most of us use our phones for everything! Having a physical calendar to reference is handy and for the horse crazy kid, a horse calendar is a sure win. You can find with practically any theme your child loves – from western to dressage and realistic to fantasy.

 5 LML7021016_1

#6 –  Colorful Wall Canvas

With several size options to choose from, your horse lover can add some equine flare to their bedroom with this lovely canvas wall art. Shop now, exclusively on the iHeartHorses store!

We even have a wide selection of horse wall art to choose from if you’re looking for a more traditional equine photography feel. Check them out here!

#7 – Stirrup Lariat Beautiful Necklace

This gorgeous necklace would make a perfect gift for any horse lovin’ gal. Maybe even get two so that you can match! Shop for it now on Amazon.

#8 – Range Riders Book Series

This great book series by Bryn Fleming is for middle readers and makes a great stocking stuffer or inexpensive gift for the horse crazy child in your life. BrynFleming.com

8 Cassie and Jasper cover

#9 – Custom Tack Tote

If your horse crazy kid has a horse, than this is a great gift! Nana B’s Boutique will make a personalized tote with whatever fabric and color combinations you wish, and you can even have your child’s or his horse’s name embroidered on it. These really last too – I’ve had one fore many years and it shows hardly any sign of wear. NanaBsBoutique.com 

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#10 –  Horse Pendant Necklace

With this pretty necklace, your little horse girl will be able to wear her love for horses right next to her heart. Available in several fun options on Amazon.

#11 –  Horse Adventure – Secret Dry Erase Board

This is a perfect gift for the horse crazy teenager. A beautiful piece of equine art opens up to reveal a secret dry erase board where messages can be written and stored. It was designed to encourage communication between parents and children, friends, and others as a sweet secret just between you. ThinkPrayGift.com

11a Horse Adventure Open Art Think Pray Gift


11b Horse Adventure Open Art Think Pray Gift Open

#12 – Personalized Horse Plate

For the little cowboy or girl on your list, this adorable plate is perfect. It’s 10” and made of durable melamine. You can add up to 3 lines of text to make it personal! SugarNest.com 

12 19909-stat-400 copy

#13 – Horse Tote Bag

For your little horse lover on the go, this durable bag can hold books or toys, whatever your little horse lover desires. Choose from red on white or white on red.


#14 – Pony Glam Hoof Polish & Accessories

This is a fun gift that any horse owner who likes a bit of sparkle would love, not just kids (I know I want it!). They sell safe, healthy hoof dressing in various colors (and glitter!) for horses, and also a number of other fun “Pony Glam” apparel for both horse and rider — like hats, tank tops, leg wraps and saddle pads. PonyGlam.com

14 409187_503442999674789_2020539549_n

#15 – Build-a-Bear My Little Pony

For the little girls who are still in the pony stage, Build-A-Bears My Little Pony collection is the perfect stuffed animal to surprise them with this holiday season! They have all the main characters, as well as a few other favorites (including Trixie, Shining Armor, Cadence, DJ Pon-3 and even Zecora). They also have fun outfits for each pony! BuildABear.com 

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#16 – State Line Tack Gift Certificate

This is a gift any age horse lover would be ecstatic about. Not only is it horse-themed, but they get to do the shopping as well, which for some, if half the fun! StateLineTack.com 

16 giftcertificate

#17 – All In Favor Horse Sweater

This stylish horse sweater is perfect for the teen girl who loves fashion and horses. It’s loose style is totally on trend, and allows her to show her love of horses at the same time. Etsy.com

17 il_fullxfull.445313543_128n

#18 – Horse-Opoly

Perfect for kids over the age of 8, we are sure this game will bring back game night in your house. Cute pewter playing pieces and specialized money is just the start of this equine-themed board game that encourages horse play! Amazon.com

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#19 – Infinity Scarf

These are so in right now and this one is beautifully decorated with grey and teal horses that your tween or teen daughter is sure to love. Etsy.com 

19 il_fullxfull.483001315_rd6d

#20 – Personalized Leather Bracelet

These beautiful leather bracelets make a great gift for any horse crazy kid. You can personalize them with the name of their favorite horse (whether they own him or not!) or their own name. Choice of three colors. StateLineTack.com 

20 TE015997_011

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