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4 Ways To Incorporate Horses Into Your Wedding

by ihearthorses

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Sometimes horse-loving couples want horses to be part of their wedding day. Here are 4 great ways that you can incorporate horses into your special day.

Choose a Horse-Related Venue


You can make your wedding very horse-related simply in the choice of your venue. If you want horses to be a part of the whole event, then consider holding your reception in a barn. You can rent out large barns which aren’t currently stabling horses; they’re intended for events and have a rustic feel to them. If you board at a large stable, you may be able to rent out a field and put a tent in so that you celebrate in close proximity with the horses. There are many horse-related venues that you can choose from.

Incorporate Equestrian Decor


It’s quite easy to incorporate some equestrian decor into your wedding and reception. Horseshoes signify both luck and horses, and you can add them into centerpieces for an elegant touch. If your reception has a country feel to it, then you my want to position hay bales around the perimeter as places for people to sit and for photo opportunities. You can even choose an equestrian theme to use for your invitations and stationery.



Take Photos With Your Horse


You may want to take engagement photos or wedding photos with your horse. Engagement photo shoots can easily incorporate one or more horses. If you’d like to take wedding photos with your horse, it’s easiest if you get married nearby where your horse is stabled. If you’re getting married at a different venue, it’s generally easiest to schedule the wedding photos with your horse for a later date, when you, your spouse, and the photographer can take your time without having to worry about getting to the reception.

Arrive in a Horse-Drawn Carriage


Think about arriving to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. This is a classy and elegant way to incorporate an equestrian touch, and it can be done for most venues where you would get married, including churches. When hiring a carriage, look for a reputable and professional company which serves these types of events on a regular basis. You don’t want to try to cut corners and go with a friend who has driving horses – the horses that pull carriages at weddings must be able to stay calm and deal with all sorts of distractions, like traffic and crowds of people. A professional outfit should have horses which are trained to deal with such situations.

However you decide to incorporate horses into your wedding, we hope you have a wonderful day.

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