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5 Key Tips In Choosing A Saddle

by ihearthorses

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Choosing a saddle – whether it’s English, Western, Side or Australian – is one of the most important decisions you make. Buying the wrong saddle cannot only be uncomfortable for you and your horse, but it can waste your money and even cause health issues if you don’t buy a saddle that is suited to your riding habits. So, before you go the tack store, make sure you keep these five key tips in mind.

#1 – Saddle Fit

The saddle needs to not only fit your horse, but also you. Make sure you know your horse’s measurements – an ill-fitting saddle can lead to a vet bill. Ask about the store’s return policy – can you test it out for a week? What if you take it home and it doesn’t fit or its uncomfortable? While a pad can fix some fitting issues, it won’t fix them all, so make sure you take your time and look at size before you look at anything else.

Image source: @U.S.Army via Flickr

Image source: @U.S.Army via Flickr

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