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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Quarter Pony

by ihearthorses

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Was your first horse a pony? If so, you may have ridden a Quarter Pony, a popular breed that’s relatively new compared to other breeds. Do you know how they got their start and their name? Check out these fun facts about this versatile mount.

#1 –  They are just short Quarter Horses, right?

If you browse most articles about the breed, or even ask those that own them, they will tell you the Quarter Pony is just a small Quarter Horse. However, the breed’s original founder, Harold Wymore, started it to recognize well-rounded grade horses under 14.2 hands, according to the American Quarter Pony Association, which was the first of the breed’s registries. Horses that were both registered with other associations, like Quarter Horses, and grade horses were allowed to be registered as long as they met the requirements. (www.aqpa.com)

Image source: Just chaos -  wikimedia

Image source: Just chaos –  wikimedia

#2 – So then why the name?

They were named “Quarter Ponies” because in order to be eligible for registration in any of the registries the horse must exhibit the qualities of a stock-type Quarter Horse.

#3 – A relatively new breed

The American Quarter Pony Association (AQPA) was started in 1964, so the breed is relatively new compared to most common breeds.

#4 – They don’t have to have Quarter Horse blood…

Interestingly, the two main associations for the breed in American, the founding AQPA and then the National Quarter Pony Association (NQPA) which was started in 1975 have very different rules when it comes to AQHA blood. True to the breed’s founder, the AQPA does not require any Quarter Horse blood or for the pony to even be registered. However, the NQPA requires all stallions to have an AQHA number, a mare must have at least one parent with AQHA or be registered herself. Geldings are the only ones not required to have AQHA papers or breeding.

qp4 640px-Mara_from_side_in_sun

#5 – No gaits and no spots allowed

Both registries do not allow any gaited horses or horses possessing Pinto, Paint or Appaloosa characteristics. The International Quarter Pony Association allows for colors but not gaits.

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