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6 Tips For Selling Your Old Breyer Horse Collection

by ihearthorses

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If you were like most horse-loving children, you probably amassed a Breyer horse collection. You couldn’t help but love those model horses, and you might even have memories of playing with them for hours as a child. If you’re like many, those old models are still in storage. Truth is, many of them can be worth some money. Here are 6 tips to help you out if you decide to sell your model horse collection.

Find Out What You Have

Before you set out to sell your models, it’s important to figure out which models you have and what their value is today. IdentifyYourBreyer can help you narrow the search, figuring out what model you have and when it was made. PonyLagoon is also a great resource which provides price estimates of what your model may be worth today.

Clean Up Your Models

Before you get ready to take photos of your models, take a minute to clean them up. Use a soft, damp rag to wipe off any dust that may have accumulated. Don’t use any cleaning agents, since these can damage the paint on your models.

Take Great Photos

Take some time to get great photos of your models. Most buyers will want to see close-up photos of each side of the horse, and then detailed photos of any flawed areas on the model. Don’t forget to include some shots of the horse’s head and legs, too.

Identify Any Flaws

If your model is flawed, note these flaws in your ad. Some buyers look for horses in perfect condition and will be disappointed if your model arrives flawed. However, your model may a great find for a collector looking for your specific model at a lower price.

Choose Your Selling Venue Carefully

When it comes to listing your models for sale, you will want to target model collectors who understand the value of your models. There are countless groups on Facebook which deal in the buying and selling of model horses; joining these and posting your models for sale can generate sales. Ebay may be another potential venue, but realize that many models sell for low prices on this platform.

Package Your Models Well

Image source: davidd via Flickr

Image source: davidd via Flickr

Before you ship your models out to their new home, be sure that you package them carefully. Wrap each model in a layer of white tissue paper, then thoroughly wrap the model in bubble wrap. Use an appropriately sized box and fill the box with additional bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper to protect the model during shipment.

If you’re ready to sell your model collection, then your models will be used in a new home and you can receive some cash in exchange for them.

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