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5 Ways To Keep Riding Even When You Don’t Own A Horse

by ihearthorses

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If you find yourself without a horse of your own, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up riding entirely. Here are 6 ways that you can keep riding even when you don’t own a horse.

1. Take Lessons

You’re never too old or too experienced to take riding lessons. Riding lessons can give you the chance to ride a variety of different horses and to continue to learn new skills. If you’re thinking about taking riding lessons, then make sure that you find a trainer whom you respect and trust.

Teenage girl riding a running horse

2. Lease a Horse

Leasing a horse is a popular way to continue riding without actually owning a horse. Leasing a horse gives you an experience much like owning a horse, but without the financial and time demands that ownership requires. When you lease a horse, you pay the horse’s owner a monthly amount to ride the horse a certain number of times per week3. Work Off Riding Time

You might check in with local stables to see if there’s a way that you can work off riding time. Many stables need help with chores like feeding and stall cleaning, and if you’re willing to work, barn owners are often willing to pay you in riding time.

Girl riding her horse, they are bestfriends

3. Offer Up Training Rides

If you’re a talented rider and trainer, then you might offer up your horse training services. Working as a horse trainer will mean that you’ll get the chance to ride many different horses in need of training, but remember that this can also be a dangerous situation. Only consider offering up training rides if you’re a highly skilled rider and are insured.

Male jockey riding horse at barn

4. Catch Ride

Do you have great experience and skill in the show ring? Then you might want to try catch riding. When you catch ride, you head to a large local show with the hopes of finding horse owners in need of someone to ride their horse. You might offer up your services to large show barns; sometimes you can get the opportunity to compete on nice horses for free.

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5. Volunteer at a Horse Rescue

Sometimes, horse rescues may need volunteers to help train and exercise their horses. While this will vary depending on the particular rescue and its policies, if you are a talented rider, then you may be able to volunteer at a horse rescue and get some riding time in in the process. If you’re interested in this possibility, call some local rescues to see if they need any help exercising their horses. Even if you’re not able to ride, volunteering at a rescue may allow you to spend some quality time around horses.

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