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7 Things Only Horse People Understand

by ihearthorses

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It’s true, we are a rare breed. Pet owners love their pets, but the relationship is different with a horse. If you have been fortunate to have a relationship with a horse, it can be hard to explain to the non-equestrian. And there are things they will never understand – like the following list. Have something to add? Share it in the comments!

#1 – That barn smell

How many times have you brought your friends to see your horse and the first thing they say is, “wow, it stinks in here!” You look shocked. To a horse person, that mixture of leather, sweet hay, dust, manure and horse is heaven on Earth.

hu1 horses-786239_640

#2 – The joy of mucking

While most pet owners agree that cleaning up after their beloved friend is the one downside, horse people like to muck out stalls. It gives you time to day dream, fresh air, and a work out! The smell? Most of us don’t mind it…some of us even like it!

#3 – Hearing about a new rider’s sore muscles

Riding horses uses muscles most people don’t even know they have. I loved talking to my non-horse friends up the day after I took them riding and asking them, with a semi-straight face, how they felt. Horse people get an odd pleasure out of hearing about people being “sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore.” Maybe it makes us feel tougher?

hu3 crazy-1070151_640

#4 – The irritation of not being considered a sport

In high school, my friends and I fought to have our equestrian team listed with the sports instead of the activities. It’s an insult that only other horse people understand. (And maybe this is why we get such pleasure out of number 3???)

hu4 barrel-racing-53295_640

#5 – The satisfaction of hoof picking

I don’t know why, but there is something satisfying about picking hooves. Don’t bother explaining it to a non-horse person, they just won’t get it. But maybe your horse does.

#6 – Horse therapy

Bad day at work? Boyfriend break up with you? Parents bugging you? Bulling at school? Whatever the problem, it all goes away with that first breath of warm horse smell. I own dogs, cats, goats, sheep – but there is nothing like the therapy of a horse.

hu6 horse-331979_640

#7 – The beauty of nature from the back of a horse

Walking through the woods is nice, but riding through it on horseback is something entirely different. You feel closer to nature. The imagination sparks. You could be a knight on a quest or a princess on the run. There is nothing like it.

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Emily December 8, 2019 - 9:53 am

I love horses and they help me in my every day life.

Diana Roddy December 10, 2019 - 5:17 am

Give me a tack store, TSC or Rural King over a ‘mall’ , anytime 🙂

Julie Paquette December 11, 2019 - 1:14 am

I love them neighing for me when I approach the pen as I arrive at the farm…you feel so loved!!! Tina says hello everyday and Molly comes to see if I got treats for her everyday like clockwork 🙂


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