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7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Horse

by ihearthorses

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Halloween is just around the corner. As you start to make your plans for your Halloween celebrations, don’t forget to incorporate your horse into the festivities. We’ve got 7 great ways that you can celebrate Halloween with your horse.

1. Get Into Costume

It can be a ton of fun to dress up both yourself and your horse. There are countless creative costumes that you can make for your horse. When you create a costume for your horse, make sure that it’s safe, and that you can quickly remove it if your horse panics. Introduce the costume slowly to your horse so that he has time to get used to it before any official events.

Once your horse has learned to wear his costume, consider entering him into a costume contest at a horse show. There are also online costume contests that you and your horse can enter.

Image source: Eli Tucker via Flickr

Image source: Eli Tucker via Flickr

2. Make Halloween Cards

October is a great month for photographing your horse, since the fall colored leaves provide a great background. If your horse has learned to wear a costume, have a mini photo shoot. You can then use these photos to create Halloween cards that you can send to your friends and family.


3. Feed Your Horse Halloween Treats

There are a few Halloween treats that your horse can eat. Apples are popular and safe treats for your horse, and your horse can also eat pieces of pumpkin. While you shouldn’t feed your horse chocolate or chewy candy, you can always pick up some peppermints at the store to give your horse a Halloween treat.

4. Decorate Your Barn

Decorate your barn for Halloween to get into the holiday spirit. Corn stalks, hay bales, and pumpkins are an easy and affordable way to decorate your barn’s entrance. You can also put small Halloween decorations on your horse’s stall door, but make sure that they’re safely out of your horse’s reach.


5. Ride in a Parade

If there’s a nearby Halloween parade, get a few friends together and ride your horses in the parade. If your horse’s Halloween costume is relatively simple, then he may be able to wear it during the parade.



6. Host a Barn Halloween Party

Get your close barn friends together, have everyone bring a holiday treat, and have a Halloween party at your barn. This can be a great way to hang out with your horses, get some great photos, and have a fun time.

Image source: Eli Tucker via Flickr

Image source: Eli Tucker via Flickr


7. Go Trick Or Treating

If you live in a quiet area and have a steadfast horse, then you might be able to bring him trick or treating with you. Make sure that you and your horse are highly visible, and stick close to home. It’s best to keep your horse on the street to avoid damaging any property.


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