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7 Ways To Enjoy Horses When You Can’t Ride

by ihearthorses

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Do you love horses, but are you being kept out of the saddle due to expense or physical limitations? You don’t have to ride in order to enjoy horses. Here are seven ways that you can make horses a part of your life without riding.

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive a horse is a rewarding and fun activity. Driving doesn’t require that you ride, but still allows you to participate in a horse sport. If you’re yearning to get into the show ring, then consider entering some driving competitions.

Volunteer for a Therapeutic Riding Facility

Consider volunteering your time to a therapeutic riding facility. Many therapeutic riding facilities need people to help with handling the horses and assisting the riders. If you don’t want a highly physical role, then volunteer your time for marketing and grant writing.

Volunteer for a Rescue

Volunteering for a horse rescue is a great way to spend time around horses without riding. Many rescues need help doing barn chores and caring for the horses. You don’t have to ride, and rescues often need volunteers for other roles, such as running public events or doing office work.

Become an Equine Massage Therapist

Image source: Wendy via Flickr

Image source: Wendy via Flickr

If you love hands-on work with horses, then look into becoming an equine massage therapist. Equine massage therapy is a growing field, and as an equine massage therapist you will be able to help horses using just your own hands.

Work as an Equine Artist

If you have a passion for art and horses, combine the two into an exciting career or pasttime. Consider becoming an equine artist or equine photographer to keep horses present in your life without riding.

Do Equine Agility

Equine agility is a great sport which allows anyone to participate without requiring that you ride your horse. In equine agility, you will train a horse to navigate obstacle courses. If you wish to compete, there are many agility competitions that you can participate in.

Keep a Pasture Pet

You can always enjoy the companionship of a horse without riding. Consider giving a home to a retired horse whose career has ended due to age or injury. There are countless horses in need of homes who can no longer be ridden, and you can likely find a horse or two for little to no cost.

These are just a few of the ways that you can enjoy horses without riding. What is your favorite non-riding activity?

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