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8 Items You’ll Find In Any Real Horse Owner’s Car

by ihearthorses

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The horse owner can be easily identified by looking at their car. If you find these following eight items in someone’s vehicle, then you can almost certainly bet that they’re a horse owner.

1. Hay

horse eating hay car

You are 100% certain to find hay in any horse owner’s car. Whether you find an actual bale of hay or just wisps of hay which are carried in through pockets and jean cuffs, it’s hard to escape hay when you own and work with horses.

2. Apples, Carrots or Peppermints

A woman feeding a horse with an apple outdoors. Thanks for the workout. A pedigree horse for equestrian sport.

Any horse owner will likely have apples, carrots, or peppermints in their car on a daily basis. And if you don’t find these particular treats, then you’ll probably find some other form of horse treats.

3. Paddock Boots

Young pretty girl stay with horse on a field at sunny day.

We bet that if you check the trunk or the backseat, you’ll find an old spare pair of paddock boots. As horse owners we’re often changing on the way to or when leaving the barn, so paddock boots are likely to be in our cars.

4. Saddle Pads

Brown saddle with blue pad on a bay horse

If you checked my truck right now, you’d find no fewer than four saddle pads. Saddle pads or saddle blankets need to be cleaned and swapped out regularly, so any horse owner probably has at least a saddle pad or two in their car waiting to be washed or on its way back to the barn.

5. Tack

Various items of horse tack and a small bouquet of wildflowers left hanging on a stable wall in a horse barn at rural Florida ranch. Selective focus on the wildflowers. Natural light.

Spare bridles, martingales, bits, and occasionally a saddle – you’re sure to find these items in a horse owner’s car. We carry these items home for storage or to other barns to use on a different horse, and somewhere along the way the tack doesn’t always make its way out of the car.

6. Water Bottles

Spare water is an absolute must when you ride horses. You’ll probably find at least a few water bottles – full or empty – in any horse owner’s vehicle, especially during the summer.

7. Riding Helmet

Little girl and her pony

Many horse owners travel with their riding helmets – after all, you never want to be caught with the chance to go riding but without your helmet.

8. Grain

Feed grain for cows and horses

Many horse owners take their vehicles out on a grain run at some point. It’s totally possible that you’ll find a bag of grain in the car, or maybe even just bits of grain that the horse owner has stored in his or her pocket.

In short, horse owners’ cars tend to be full of the things that we know we might need at a moment’s notice. You never know what you’ll find.

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