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A Day Of Liberty Training At The Beach With Three Beautiful Horses

by ihearthorses

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David Lichman took his three horses to the beach to partake in some liberty training one beautiful morning. If you do not know what liberty training is, it takes the physical lines off of your horse so that you can open up the lines of communication. Liberty training is a type of communication and body language you teach your horses through leading and positioning. You can teach them how to move with you in a creative and trusting way. The equine learns where they need to stay (where the leading and positioning comes in) and where to follow you and move around with you. This experience is a wonderful way to build a relationship between you and your horse.

It takes serious time to get a horse to completely trust their trainer, but that is what needs to be done if you ever want to train them to take your orders. You definitely need patience, and time, and care to train them. This video shows that all that patience pays off, with trusting horses that love to be around you!

These horses clearly trust David and enjoy his presence, they want to follow him and be by his side. What a wonderful bonding moment between man and horse. Share with your friends!

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