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Wild Horses Of The Outer Banks Welcome First Foal Of 2020

by Amber King

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A week before Easter, The Corolla Wild Horse Fund made an exciting announcement regarding the wild horses of the Outer Banks. They spotted the first new foal of 2020, and we’re thrilled to see the newborn colt happy and healthy.

While the new foal and mom are choosing to keep their distance from humans, Corolla Wild Horse Fund said on Facebook that the new little family is doing well. They’re almost certain the foal is a boy, and the little guy was about a week old the first time he was spotted. 

Isn’t he cute?


The pictures are from a distance, but it looks like the newest member of the wild horse herd has at least two socks and a star. Sticking with their plan to give all 2020 foals “A” names in honor of a beloved senior horse that passed away earlier this year, Corolla Wild Horse Fund has named him Arturo Ananias Dare.

The first foal of the year comes at a time when everyone is looking for good news.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund said on Facebook,

“Arturo is a special foal for many reasons – the first of 2020, the first for North Star, a ray of light during a dark time in the world, and a healthy addition to a herd that needs new members.”

The wild horses of North Carolina have existed on the beaches and the marshes of the Outer Banks for centuries. For most of that time, they enjoyed their privacy on the string of barrier islands set apart from the continental mainland. But as development spread to the sleepy beaches of the Outer Banks, the wild horses learned to coexist with humans.

Good morning! We have something to celebrate today – the first foal of 2020! The family is way back in the woods and…

Posted by Corolla Wild Horse Fund on Friday, April 3, 2020

Today, the herd of Spanish mustangs is feral and lives separate from most human intervention. Every year, however, they attract countless tourists. Avoiding humans altogether is impossible.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is committed to protecting and preserving these wild horses. Wild horse advocates work every day to keep the herd healthy and advocate for their well being. 

The herd’s new foal was born in the wild, and that’s where he’ll stay. He’ll learn from his mom until he’s old enough to venture off on his own. In the meantime, his healthy birth is good news during a time we all desperately need it.

Herd manager Meg Pcukett told Inside Nova,

“I’m all about spreading good news these days,” she said. “Can’t wallow too much if we can help it. The horses are really good about that – they carry on with life regardless of what nonsense us humans get up to.”

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