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Have You Seen This Horse? A Tennessee Family Is Lost Without Him

by Amber King

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A family in Tennessee is devastated and looking for help after their horse was stolen right out of their pasture. Jacob Smith contacted authorities on Tuesday when he realized his family’s 10-year-old horse named Jet was no longer in the pasture where he should be. It was determined that Jet was stolen, and now they’re looking for anyone who has information on where Jet could be. 

Smith told local news agencies,

“We were going to get another horse and I come to load my trailer up. When we came back through I noticed the horses. They were all at the gate except for that one.”

Smith said he then checked the pasture, but there was no sign of Jet. He also checked the gates, and it was clear the chain on one of the pasture gates had been tampered with. 

“We put the chain a certain way, and you can tell that is not how we put it.”

The horse owner reported the theft to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and the case is being investigated. Neighbor’s also came forward to say they noticed an unfamiliar truck with a trailer around the same time Jet is thought to have been taken. They say the truck drove south toward Mississippi.

Smith and his family are hoping someone will come forward with information about either Jet’s whereabouts or the owner’s of the truck and trailer. The truck is believed to be a white four-door Chevrolet flatbed with a box on the back, and it was pulling a brown, rusted goose neck trailer.

Jet is described as a black Tennessee Walking Horse with four white socks. He was stolen from a pasture in Pinson, Tennessee sometime between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13, and he hasn’t been seen since. Authorities are worried the horse could be just about anywhere at this point.

Smith says he has yet to tell his young daughters that Jet is missing. He’s hoping for a happy ending that will bring their beloved horse home. A $1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has credible information.

If you recognize Jet or the suspicious vehicle, contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (731) 423-6000.

Jet belongs back with the family that misses him.

h/t: WBBJ

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