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Horse Forced To Run Miles On Highway Is Slowly Recovering With Rescuers

by Amber King

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Earlier this week, news outlets in Chicago turned their attention to a protest involving a horse and rush hour traffic. Adam Hollingsworth, who calls himself the “Dreadhead Cowboy,” rode his horse named Nunu down the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway in what he’s calling a protest to draw attention to “Kids Lives Matter.” Police eventually took Hollingsworth into custody, but not before he forced Nunu to run miles on the concrete roadway.

Veterinarians feared the horse would have to be euthanized, but recent reports say she’s on the road to recovery.

When Nunu was first taken in by Chicago Animal Care and Control, officials reported she could barely stand. She collapsed multiple times and is said to have been extremely dehydrated, overheated, and had several cuts and sores. In court, it was proclaimed that Hollingsworth whipped the horse when it tried to slow down during his protest and had a poorly fitted saddle.

Hollingsworth has been charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty (along with several other charges), but he maintains that he never harmed Nunu. He says that while he’s only had Nunu for a few months, they share a bond. The horse owner admits he rode Nunu too long on the highway, but he’s hoping to get her back. He said,

“It was very upsetting knowing that I love my horse. When I was hearing everything and I couldn’t say nothing, and I had to stand there and just listen to all the lies that have been told on me.”

Nunu was in critical condition, but she has since been moved to a farm outside the city. She’s receiving continued medical treatment, and officials say she can never be ridden again.

Hollingsworth was recently released from jail on bail, but a judge will determine if he ever sees Nunu again. The Dreadlock Cowboy also reportedly has four other horses. But because they are located outside the jurisdiction of Chicago Animal Care and Control, officials cannot inspect the property to look in on the animals. 

h/t: ABC 7

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