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Love Snow and Horses? Give Skijoring a Try!

by ihearthorses

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Love horses? How about skiing? If you can’t get enough of riding and skiing, then skijoring might be the sport for you.

Skijoring is an interesting combination of driving, horse racing, and skiing. There are multiple versions of skijoring, but in general, the horse pulls a skier behind them through the snow. Sometimes the skier is the one to control the horse via the use of reins, while other times a rider rides the horse, towing the skier behind.

No matter what your skijoring style, be prepared for a fast-paced and wild ride. Horses can achieve impressive speeds when at a canter or gallop, and you’ll need to be a talented skier in order to stay on your feet. Skijoring competitions are cropping up all over the country, so if you find that you love this sport, you should have plenty of opportunities to show off your skills.

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