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Miniature Service Horse Charms Everyone On American Airlines Flight

by Amber King

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With long lines and limited leg room, flying is rarely fun. You’re considered lucky if you manage to get a whole row of seats to yourself, but passengers on this American Airlines flight were in for an even better deal—the ones who liked horses, at least. That’s because Flirty, a miniature service horse, was also on board.


Travelers spotted this adorable mini decked out in her service animal vest accompanying her owner, Abrea Hensley, at a Midwest airport. Hensley was traveling from Chicago to Omaha to visit her family, and Flirty was along for the ride. The 7-year-old miniature service horse is a trained service animal and assists Hensley with mobility and medical alerts. It was Flirty’s first flight, and according to Hensley’s Twitter post, the little horse handled the experience like a pro. 

It’s not surprising that the unconventional pair turned heads everywhere they went.

One bystander tweeted,

“There was a small horse in line at the airport today and I’m so curious about it.”

Passengers were even more surprised to see the little horse actually board a flight and take her spot in between the seats. Flirty spent the duration of the flight standing at her owner’s side. And while she napped for most of the trip, Hensley said the flight wasn’t exactly comfortable for Flirty. Flying with a horse comes with difficulties, and for Flirty, that was all about the leg room. Hensley said,

“Because my airport is smaller, the planes are smaller and don’t have solid bulkheads. Flirty couldn’t help jostling the seat of the person in the last row of first class every time she moved. Once we got up to cruising altitude, she took a nap and was very quiet. But she had to rebalance quite a bit while ascending and descending and kept bumping the back of their seat through the curtain “bulkhead.”

Despite the cramped space, Flirty disembarked from the short flight feeling fine and unfrazzled. With all the attention she’s been getting since Flirty’s first flight, Hensley wants everyone to know that mini horses make excellent service animals and the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that, like dogs, mini service horses are permitted to accompany handlers on flights.

Hensley also wants to make it clear that Flirty is a service animal, not an emotional support animal. Service animals receive extensive training to provide specific services and perform even in high-stress, public situations. Flirty proved herself to be a true professional and made it possible for Hensley to travel to see her family.

Way to go, Flirty!

Flirty even has your own Twitter, check it out!

Featured images via Twitter/Flirty The Mini Service Horse

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