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Optical Illusion Of A Jockey Searching For His Horse Stumps The Internet


The popular quiz and list site, allows users to create and post their own creative brain teasers. A vintage illustration of a jockey searching for his horse has begun to circulate across the web, stumping folks across the globe. The difficult optical illusion has many a frustrated Playbuzzer begging for mercy.

Check it out, can YOU spot the jockey’s missing horse?

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The dripping wet rider has clearly been tossed from his mount and is looking to a crowd of onlookers for help locating the cheeky equine.

Do you see him yet?

Ready for some help?


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He’s been hiding out right underneath the jockey’s arm all along! Apparently some web surfers had trouble locating the hidden horse because they were expecting to see the entire animal, rather than just a head!

How did you do?



Written by ihearthorses
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