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Owner Blames Horse’s Fatal Injuries On Illegal Fireworks

by ihearthorses

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A horse owner in Riverside County, CA lost her horse recently due to injuries that she believes were caused by the use of illegal fireworks, according to ABC7

Sharon Holmberg has been taking care of her Arabian horse Gamara since the horse was just six months old. While Gamara was blind and did not run often, she took off after a number of fireworks went off. She ended up running into corral fencing.   

“The fireworks scared her to death and she ran, ran right through the fence,” Holmberg told ABC7.  

While Gamara had visible injuries on her face, forehead and nose, it was later discovered that the horse suffered internal injuries as well. Ultimately, Gamara had to be put down. She was 33-year-old.

According to Holmberg, her neighborhood had been dealing with the sounds of illegal fireworks for several weeks, despite the fact that fireworks are currently illegal in Riverside County.  According to Riverside’s website, all types of fireworks are illegal in the county because they can lead to both fires and injury.  

Following Gamara’s passing, Holmberg wrote a note to let her neighbors know about the incident. No fireworks were set off that evening. 

Watch ABC7’s full coverage of the story below:

We are so sorry to hear about Gamara’s passing. It’s such a shame that fireworks were being used in the area despite the fact that they are illegal. 


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