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5 Fascinating Facts About The Rocky Mountain Horse

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The Rocky Mountain Horse is one of those breeds we sometimes forget to recognize, but these rare beauties are truly one of a kind. Did you know these 5 fascinating facts about the Rocky Mountain Horse?

1. American Born and Bred

The Rocky Mountain Horse originated in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky back in the 1800s. There’s no documentation of the bloodline until the 1900s unfortunately, but through word of mouth, people have shared that their Rocky Mountain Horses were a vital part of their lives. The Rocky Mountain Horse breed can be linked back to one stallion named “Tobe.”

Rocky Mountain Horse breed being ridden

2. Unique Color

Although lighter coloring can be found in the Rocky Mountain Horse, the most common color is a brown solid coat and a flaxen mane and tail. To register a horse in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association, the horse cannot have any white markings above the knees. The contrast of the dark base and the bright blonde-like mane and tail can make you do a double-take when you see this majestic and beautiful horse.

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Rear view of brown Rocky Mounting horse with long blond mane

3. The Rocky Mountain Horse Is One Tough Breed

Usually, in history, we hear about how having horses was a luxury, but for the people of Kentucky, having a Rocky Mountain Horse was once a necessity. These horses were a vital part of everyday life and were used for anything from carriage rides to Sunday Church to working cattle to plowing fields. But just because they were an important part of everyday life, that didn’t mean that the horses were pampered. Unable to build proper shelter meant that the horses had to rely on survival instincts to make it through the harsh winters and tough terrain. Only the toughest survived, and those that did survive passed on those skills and determination to their offspring.

Rocky Mountain horse of silvery-black color in wintwr

4. Horse of Choice

For many Kentuckians, the Rocky Mountain Horse was not only a necessity but a breed of choice for many reasons including their versatility. This one-of-a-kind breed is loyal and has a gentle temperament – making these horses a great babysitter when needed. Because of their survival instincts, this unique breed also made easy keepers as not spending money and time on shelter meant that farmers could spend more time in the fields.

Image from WikiMedia

5. Gaited

Rocky Mountain Horses are also known for their unique four-beat gait, meaning that you can count the four hoofbeats in a walking stride. Even better, the four-beat gate is completely natural for the Rocky Mountain Horse, which means that no training is required. This made the horse a smooth ride for a long day gathering cows all over the vast Kentucky countryside.

To watch one of these beautiful horses in motion, check out the video below:

Today, these horses are used in just about every discipline from dressage to eventing. Their gate, personality, and sure-footed behavior make them the ideal all-around horse. The Rocky Mountain Horse is a horse we don’t always think about, unless you are from Kentucky of course! But these beautiful horses have worked hard to stay around and it’s our job to make sure that happens. Have you ever had an experience with a Rocky Mountain Horse or had the opportunity to own one? Do tell!

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About the Author

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