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Senior Horses Find New Life At This Golf Course Turned Rehabilitation Barn

by Amber King

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When Fred Snow bought an old golf course in Ottawa, Kansas seven years ago, he wasn’t interested in sinking putts or making it under par. He had a much different plan for the large parcel of lush land. With the addition of a few fences and run-in sheds, Snow turned the area into a haven for senior horses. Today, Lake Georgia-Sue Horse Rehabilitation has helped dozens of horses, and it’s a place that inspires people to always choose compassion and kindness. 

Snow’s remodeled golf course is a place where senior horses go to find relaxation along with the care they need. Snow told local news reporters that most of the horses that walk through the gates simply have nowhere else to go. Once they reach a certain age, no one else wants them. Most are not abused or neglected, but Snow says many of his horses hadn’t been ridden in over a decade. Without Lake Georgia-Sue Horse Rehabilitation, most would have ended up in kill pens.

Posted by Lake Georgia-Sue Horse Rehabillitation on Friday, July 10, 2020

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Snow said,

“We get a lot of calls, ‘Would you take this horse?’ We’ve never said no.”

Every time a new horse comes to the center, the goal is to always do what’s right for that horse. Sometimes, the horse needs a permanent place to enjoy their golden years. Snow and his team of dedicated volunteers are more than willing to care for the horses for the rest of their lives.

In other situations, horses need a temporary place for rehabilitation before they move on to new homes. Out of the 52 horses taken in last year, all but five ended up finding permanent homes. 

One Ottawa man bought a golf course and turned it into a horse rehabilitation ranch… very cool story below.. for more into go to their Facebook page: Lake Georgia Sue Horse Rehabilitation

Posted by Alan Shope on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Life at the senior horse rehabilitation center is full of green grass, fresh air, and smiling faces. Volunteers of all ages handle the daily chores and ensure all horses receive the care they need. Their love of horses fuels their dedication, and Snow says his organization is neither a charity nor a business. He calls it a “variety of people coming together with a hobby.” That shared hobby is a commitment to helping horses in need, and they set an example that shows people and horses that age is just a number. 

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