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7 Horses That Lived Remarkably Long Lives

by ihearthorses

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Do you have a 28 year-old- horse and think, “wow, he’s pretty old”? While that sounds old, there have been several horses on record that have lived much longer than that. Check out the following horses that have lived a very long time. Do you have an “old timer” – tell us his or her age in the comments!

#1 – Old Billy

Believed to be the longest living horse ever, Billy was verified to be 62 years old when he passed in 1822. He was born in England in 1760 and spent his life as a barge horse. His skull is on display at the Manchester Museum.

Image source: Manchester Museum

Image source: Manchester Museum

#2 – Shayne

An Irish Draught, Shayne was long hailed as the oldest living horse. He was euthanized in 2013 at the age of 51, when he could longer get up due to arthritis. He was at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England.

#4 – Orchid

Interestingly, Orchid also lived at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary – could there be something in their water? She was a beautiful Thoroughbred-Arabian mare who passed away October 2015 at the age of 50 from colic. Clearly this rescue knows how to care for senior equines!

Image source:

Image source: Remus Sanctuary

#5 –  Taff and Griff

Born in 1982, these identical cremello twins are in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the Oldest Horse Twins. They are just 11.2hh, making them technically ponies. As far as we could find, they are still alive and well.


This is Taff & Griff, the World’s oldest equine twins at the age of 31!The 11.2hh Cremello twins used to give rides…

Posted by Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#6 – Magic

Magic, a Polish Arabian, is touted by her owners of Manns Magic Ranch in Fallbrook, California, to be one of the world’s oldest living horses. They say she is 46 and is still used on the ranch to teach kids how to ride. There is some dispute as to whether they can prove her age and no one at the Ranch got back to us for comment. But she just might be the oldest living horse!

oh6 Screen-Shot-2016-03-05-at-4.13.42-PM-768x599

#7 – Prospect Point

Prospect Point is a Thoroughbred who just turned 38 on March 4th. Many believe he may be the oldest living Thoroughbred now.


Happy belated birthday to Prospect Point!He turned 38 on March 4th, and that might just make him the oldest living…

Posted by Retired Racehorse Project on Tuesday, March 8, 2016



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