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The Strongest Horse Breeds in The World

by Dani Buckley

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All horses are strong in our eyes, they have the ability to carry us on their backs for ours. Whether it is on the trails or the show ring, they are strong enough to keep up and give it their all. However, these five horse breeds have proven themselves to be stronger than the rest. Keep reading to find out who made the cut!

Belgian Draft Horse

The Belgian Draft Horse is known as the strongest horse in the world. These gentle giants stand 16.2hh to 17hh and are kind, willing, and despite their size, easy to handle. Their shorter legs and massive bodies allow them to pull large amounts of weight for a long period of time. They were most commonly used for plowing, logging, and pulling sleighs and carriages. Because they spent their workdays in a harness, most had their tails cut short so they did not tangle in the gear. Belgian Draft Horses are so strong, the can pull 6,000 lbs -8,000 lbs! (Learn all about the Belgian Draft here on iHeartHorses.com)

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Dutch Draft Horse

The Dutch Draft originated in Holland and was generally used on farms pulling plows. Their strength and stamina allowed them to work long hours on the ground that required traction like clay and sand. No matter the terrain, the Dutch Draft would get the job done. They are the heaviest of all the Dutch breeds and are calm, friendly, and docile. Even though they were bred for farm work, they are also used for recreational riding and sometimes found in the dressage ring.

Shire Horse

The Shire is known as the tallest horse in the world. They stand 16hh to 17hh and are noble, adaptable, and willing. Many believe the Shire is a descendant from “The Great Horse,” a warhorse with quite the history. Shires are just as strong as they are tall. In fact, in 1924 two Shires pulled 45 tons! Today, you can find them just about anywhere including eventing and dressage. (Learn all about the Shire horse breed here on iHeartHorses.com)

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The Percheron was a favorite for many agricultural workers. They originated in Le Perch, France, and were imported to the United States by 1839. In medieval times, the Percheron was used as a warhorse. Standing at 16hh to 17hh in the US, these horses were strong enough to pull plows all day long and move freights through the streets. Today, these horses can be found in just about any discipline. (Learn all about the Percheron horse breed here on iHeartHorses.com)

Suffolk Punch Horse

The Suffolk, also known as the Suffolk Punch, originated in Suffolk and Norfolk. This horse was the only horse bred specifically for agricultural work. The horse was so valued that the breed remained pure and their only use was in the fields. They have the strength and stamina to work long days in heavy clay. Once tractors started taking their place, they became almost extinct in the 1950s. Today, less than 1500 are registered around the world, placing them on the critical list.

These five horses have proven themselves over decades that they have the strength and stamina to work long and hard, pulling large amounts of weight for long hours. Have you ever been around the strongest horses in the world?

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