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Rescued Horses Roll Around With Joy At Their New Sanctuary

by ihearthorses

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Horses deserve to be taken care of and loved just like any other animal. They need to have space to run and dirt to roll around in, they are such free spirits it’s not fair to confine them…

These horses are rescues from Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) industry, which uses the urine of pregnant female horses for estrogen-therapy, where the mommy mares are often kept in narrow tie stalls for approximately 6 months with a urine collection harness in place. It’s an inhumane life for an animal designed to be in near constant motion in a vast area of space.

While in theory these horses have room to lie down, they cannot turn around or take more than a few steps forwards or backwards. It’s horrible to do this to a horse as it is, but to do this to a pregnant horse is unthinkable. They should be comfortable and stress free during pregnancy just like any other living being, but this process puts a ton of stress on these poor mares. In addition to all this hardship, many of the resulting horses end up in the slaughter pipeline because they are considered by-products of this industry.

The Humane Society of the United States shared a video clip with us of these rescued beauties who no longer are forced to be impregnated, live in tight stalls or, the worst of it all, get slaughtered all because they were subjected to this industry. This video is all joy and happiness, clearly these horses are very happy to live free to run and roll around and we are too!

What a wonderful video that was. It’s so heartwarming to see animals rescued from horrible conditions like those provided by PMU. Share this with your friends and spread awareness about the industry!

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