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This Former Kentucky Derby Winner Is As “Popular As Elvis”

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Hall of Fame horse trainer, Bob Baffert has his favorite Kentucky Derby winner and it may surprise you! Most people assume that 2015 Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah is Baffert’s most beloved racer.

While the extraordinary horse will always hold a special place in his heart, no one compares to Silver Charm, the horse that won him his first Derby victory.

Silver Charm is 23-years-old and showing his age in his whitening coat, but he retains the confidence and swagger of a champion. He is living out his retirement at Old Friends Farm along with more than 100 other thoroughbreds including Touch Gold, the horse that cost him the Triple Crown 20 years ago.

“Silver Charm could have easily won the Triple Crown,” Baffert said. “He just had a little bad luck there.”

6 days until the Kentucky Derby! Today’s racehorse is Silver Charm who won the Derby in 1997!

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Touch Gold snagged the win at the 1997 Belmont Stakes by a half-length. The former rivals now reside a mere 20 feet from one another. Baffert does not have a horse in the race this year, but he and his wife paid a special visit to the two former champions in Georgetown, Kentucky as the big day approaches.

Old Friends president, Michael Blowen confirmed that there is certainly something special about Silver Charm that makes visitors to the farm go wild.

“I think our tours have practically doubled since we got him,” he said. “We’ve always had horses people really liked, but he is like Elvis.”

Happy birthday to the one and only Silver Charm (horse)! We hope your day is full of green pastures, lots of carrots, and some races with Michael! We love you!
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Tour guests simply have to call out, “Where is the greatest horse in the universe?” and Silver Charm will strut right over to the paddock fence to pose for photos. He greets his admirers with a practiced galloping entrance that never fails to delight.

The original dual classic winner on the farm, Silver Charm. The horse in the background is called Charismatic 🙂

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Baffert brought his family to see Silver Charm for the first time in more than a decade in 2015. He told his youngest son Bode that without the special horse that earned the coveted Garland of Roses in 1997, “you wouldn’t have so much junk in your room.”

“Each time I see him I get all choked up,” Baffert said.

Do you think Silver Charm deserves his rock star status? Which former champion captured your heart?


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