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Tiny Horse Who Thinks He’s A Dog Surprises Owner By Winning A Show!

by ihearthorses

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You may not think of horses as house pets, but 27-inch tall Simba is an exception to the rule!

This smart, lovable little horse is also full of talent. The 3-year-old took owner Mandy Parfit by surprise when he was named Supreme Champion at the International Miniature Horse of the Year show in Europe.

He’ll go on to compete for the title of Grand Supreme Champion.

“We went there thinking we’ll go there for the experience, we had no idea what we were doing,” Parfit told South Wales Argus. “I’m so proud of him for winning.”

While the Parfits, who are from Blackwood, own a dozen horses, their tiny trotter holds a special place in their hearts.

“He thinks he’s a dog. He walks around the kitchen and he sits on my lap when I sit on the sofa,” she said to the South Wales Argus. “He plays with our dog and the other animals we have, he runs around the garden with them.”

And despite his size, “He’s full of attitude and he’ll challenge a big horse,” Parfit said in the story. Maybe that’s why this pint-size horse has such a regal full name: Kil Cummer Simba The Lion Heart.

To see a brief video clip, check out the original story in the South Wales Argus.

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