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10 Signs You Were Destined To Be A Horseback Rider

by ihearthorses

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Are you certain that you were meant to be a horseback rider? Here are ten great ways to tell that you were meant to ride horses.

Young female jockey on dapple gray horse jumping over hurdle in the open arena.

1. You Love Feeling Powerful

There’s no more powerful feeling than when you’re mounted on a horse. Horses give us tremendous power, making our weight feel effortless and free.

Two women riding horseback

2. You’re Not Afraid of Dirt

Horseback riders can’t be afraid to get dirty. Whether you’re grooming your horse or are sweating during a hot summer ride, true horse riders don’t mind getting dirty and grimy.

Horseback Riding (1)

3. You Chase Your Dreams

Learning to ride a horse is a big undertaking. If learning to ride is your dream, you can’t be afraid to chase that dream, no matter how much work is associated with it. Horseback riders are dreamers, and they make those dreams come true.

Portrait of Female jockey and girl sitting horseback riding at paddock

4. You’re Patient

We’ve all seen the movies where a young girl hops on a horse bareback and is instantly transformed into a world-class jumper. Unfortunately, that’s nothing even close to the truth. Horseback riding takes lots of time and, above all, tons of patience.

Mother riding her son on a pony wearing protective helmet

5. You Don’t Need Words to Communicate

When you learn to ride a horse, you learn to communicate without words. If you love the idea of communicating without having to speak, then you were certainly meant to be a horseback rider.

Woman posing with her horse

6. You’re Not Afraid of Hard Work

Learning to ride a horse is a tremendous amount of hard work. You can’t be afraid of hard work if you want to ride – in fact, you really need to like working hard in order to become a great rider.

Woman horseback riding in night

7. You’re Strong

Mentally, physical, and emotionally, you have to be strong to work with horses. Horses are demanding and sometimes difficult, so having both inner and physical strength is a sure sign of a horseback rider.

Happy horseback rider

8. You’re Not Afraid to Face Your Fears

At some point during your riding career, you will encounter something that you’re afraid of. Anyone who is meant to be a rider isn’t afraid to face their fears, and to overcome them.

Horseback rider galloping in rural pasture

9. You Love a Challenge

Riding is full of challenges. From communicating with your horse to learning a new skill, you are sure to face challenges at every turn. If you love a challenge, then you will do well in your riding career.

man riding horse

10. You Can’t Live Without Horses

Finally, the true mark of a rider is that they can’t live without horses. Can you imagine your life without horses being a major part of it? No? Then you’re certainly meant to be a horseback rider.

Did you relate to these 10 signs? Let us know in the comments below!

signs you were meant to ride a horse

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