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20 Images Of Horse Muzzles To Brighten Your Day

by ihearthorses

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There is just something about a horse’s muzzle. It maybe the velvety softness or the warmth. Or maybe it’s that amazing breath (no doggy breath here!) that just makes your heart skip a beat when you kiss it. Whatever the reasons we LOVE horse muzzles and we asked our iHeartHorses  and iLoveHorses fans on Facebook to share photos of their horses’ muzzles. Here are just a few (in no particular order). To see the rest and to add your own, click on the links above!

#1 – Reba

Owned by Kaityln Vesely

h1 12303956_487736154740426_7339103624731788531_o

#2 – Slick

Owned by Elizabeth Cotton

h2 12308624_967550773283833_82713329489972558_n

#3 – Pretty Ricky and Leroy

Owned by Stephanie Indingaro

h3 12341498_1161683730531063_2348289740544907807_n

#4 – Owned by Corinna Katt Baldwin

h4 12339140_1816932115200385_8321284496854388209_o


#5 – Chaz

Owned by Desiree Henandez

h5 12316383_10205656375712148_6865488230374653491_n

#6 – Jenna

Owned by Candace Roden Bodine Keasling

h6 12295496_10203716947283680_6159460384893069241_n

#7 – Owned by Frances Patterson Young

h7 12341403_1068922599809061_972283147153723152_n


#8 –  Rein Dance

Owned by Lisa West Wertz

h8 12238369_919780968059818_5788785316587467910_o

#9 – Owned by Michelle Webster

h9 12294748_917935264941685_3025755681473077634_n

#10 – Blaze

Owned by Caitlin McDonald

h10 12341040_494506610723709_4703240624781757975_n

#11 –  Owned by Lisa Kelly Morgan

h11 12316063_10205843118146132_5758552724639812764_n


#12 – Glitter

Owned by Maria Alaina Paradise

h12 12316201_10205409734818239_3908177385261919889_n

#13 – Diva

Owned by Maria Alaina Paradise

h13 12342421_10205409725338002_1433779708447144343_n

#14 – Emir

Owned by Maria Papazoglou-Giamagkaki

h14 12311068_828902797209014_1010808968649796649_n

#15 – Owned by Jackie Lisa

h15 12321623_10156209004765304_448342421755209101_n

#16 – Scotty

Owned by Danel Smit

h16 12342734_1645827965666159_5431082454613878297_n

#17 –  Sully

Owned by Angie Pickel

h17 12308836_10206665086803418_303265691532047682_n

#18 – Gunner

Owned by Zoe Rachel Minks

h18 10501667_902763446459818_6820040132144393613_n

#19 – Rues

Owned by Michelle Webster

h19 12278860_917937388274806_2860286621544735302_n

#20 – Owned by Marlene Lauzon

h20 11223717_1499292330400947_7452037274321323351_o

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