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200 Horses Are Living The Life In Oregon After Suffering Years Of Abuse

by ihearthorses

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The Duchess Sanctuary is a huge ground (or to be accurate 1,120-acre facility) located in Oregon. This vast land is home to 200 rescued horses who were formerly abandoned, abused, neglected and once homeless. A woman named Jennifer Kunz lives at this sanctuary and has dedicated her life to taking care of these horses. The overwhelming number of equines did not hinder Jennifer in taking care of them for she already knows each name and personality of these horses by heart. Amazing, isn’t it?

As Jennifer said, “some of these horses came from PMU or Pregnant Mare Urine industry where they harvest their urine to extract CEE or conjugated equine estrogen to be used as the hormonal component in the Premarin family of products used to treat menopausal symptoms in women.”

According to LCAnimal.org, these horses suffer in the whole process because they have to be kept pregnant in small stalls that they can’t even turn around for their urine to be collected. If the time comes that these horses can no longer produce, then they have to send them to the slaughter house and have their meat sold for human consumption or dog food. This is really a sad thing to endure and almost had me in tears when I heard this story. Watch the full video and see how this sanctuary helped these horses!

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