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4 Ways You Can “Do Good” With Your Next Horse Purchase

by ihearthorses

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Are you ready to add a new horse to your barn? Did you know that you can do something good for horses and for the horse industry with your next horse purchase? If you’d like to make your next horse purchase a special one, think about these options.

Adopt From a Rescue

Horse rescues often have stables full of horses in need of new homes. Sometimes these horses have physical limitations or just basic training, but with a little work they can often be great riding or competition mounts. Before you turn to the classified ads, head to your local horse rescue to see if you might find your next equine partner there.

When you adopt from a horse rescue, your adoption fee is generally tax-deductible (though be sure to check with your accountant). You’ll also be freeing up a place in the rescue’s stable so that they can save another horse in need.

Get a Horse Off the Track

Love Thoroughbreds? Have you always wanted to give retraining an ex-racehorse a try? There are thousands of ex-racehorses in need of homes. Consider heading to the racetrack or working with an ex-racehorse rehoming project to find your new horse. Just be sure that you’re up for the task of retraining a horse before you decide to bring home a Thoroughbred of your own.

Head to the Auctions

Sadly, many horses are sent to slaughter every year. You may want to head to an auction house to find your next horse. It can be rewarding to know that you bought a horse which otherwise would have gone home with a kill buyer. However, be very careful if you buy at an auction. Your horse will need to be quarantined in order to make sure that he’s healthy, and you never know what physical or behavioral issues the horse may have. It is best to bring a professional trainer with you to act as a second set of eyes if you decide to go the auction route.

Find a Horse in Need of an Upgrade

You can help out a horse in need without the assistance of an official rescue. Keep an eye on the classified ads, and you may find a horse who is in need of an upgrade. Sometimes you’ll see ads for horses which are underweight or being kept in less than ideal situations. Bringing one of these horses home means you can spoil the horse a bit and get him the care he deserves.

Bringing home a new horse can be rewarding, and it’s even more exciting when you know that your purchase is doing some good for the equine industry as a whole.

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